What is Blockcast Media?

Blockcast Media was launched by a group of tech innovators inspired by the power of decentralization through blockchain. It began as multiple WhatsApp group chats about Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies. In 2017, it was no longer just a few Whatsapp chat groups, it was basically repeating ourselves to every new curious individual. This made us think… How do we assist newcomers into the blockchain space in the most efficient and effective way possible?

Ever since the massive expansion of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in 2017, people have always asked us how they could get involved. How do they participate in this new economy and how this technology works. What are you really buying when you purchase Bitcoin? How do you safely store it? What is the value of it? Why are there now so many different Bitcoins? All valid questions. So instead of copy and pasting our messages and reciting the same script, we started to experiment with different ways to ensure you have the information you need to understand and stay informed about blockchain technology.

It feels like teaching people what the internet was and how to use it back in the 90s. Don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you through it.


Keeping you informed about what is happening at the forefront of blockchain innovation.


Developing and maintaining communities and networks of blockchain enthusiasts to ignite progression in blockchain tech.


To educate and spread the awareness of how blockchain technology has and will disrupt our modern industries.


Striving to increase the everyday use of blockchain technologies into the daily lives of businesses and consumers alike.

We strive to evolve the blockchain community.

We are blockchain enthusiasts keeping watch on what’s happening within the blockchain industry. We are not investment advisors, nor do we officially endorse one project over another. We strongly believe that information is power and we strive to provide provable, fact-based information to ensure you are correctly informed to understand the technology and make your own financial decisions. We are focused on the technology behind cryptocurrencies and ensuring the long-term success of a parallel blockchain-based economy functioning on autonomous trust through decentralized, distributed ledgers.

Open source technologies meet open communities.

At Blockcast Media, we are always looking for new ways to help newcomers understand and adopt blockchain technology in their lives. We believe that the future of our economy will incorporate these technologies whether or not it is realized by the end user. Discussions, networking, experimenting, researching and informing one another is essential to keeping the Blockcast community strong. This is why we are constantly developing new methods to ensure you can engage with us and our community members. Open communities such as Blockcast Media support open source technologies.

Community-based Blockchain News & Discussion

Through the power of Slack (a team-based communication tool), we are able to deliver and discuss current events happening in the blockchain industry, with relevant links for reference. We welcome user participation within our public Slack community to network and inform our community on many discussion topics relevant to the industry.

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Our weekly e-newsletter allows us to deliver the most important blockchain topics of the week directly to your e-mail inbox. We keep article links to a minimum and help curate content so you are easily and quickly up to date on the most important topics covering the blockchain industry. This includes links to articles applicable to security events, educational content, legal/regulatory issues and developer focused topics.

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Staying informed with the Twitter Universe

Twitter has been – and currently still is – one of the best social media tools to interact directly with the blockchain foundations, companies, academics, influencers and other enthusiasts online. It’s one other reliable way to stay on top of what is happening within the many blockchain communities that exist today.

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Guides, Tutorials and Insights

Medium is a great alternative blogging tool. Blockcast Media uses this medium (no pun intended!) to publish various guides, how-tos, blockchain related documentation and even some of our collective thoughts for pondering.

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